Useful programs for Mac OS: cleaning and optimization of the system

Millions of people around the world actively use a Macbook as their main device not only for consumption, but also for creating content. It’s a great tool for working, watching movies, and even listening to music. Mac OS features provide comfortable work with photos, videos and even the ability to program. Despite all the versatility of the system and convenience, over the years, the speed of the laptop may decrease. This is facilitated by the obsolescence of software, as well as the obsolescence of hardware.

It will not be possible to avoid this, because this is a technique that can break down and become obsolete. A reasonable solution is to use third-party programs to clean the system, optimize storage and other utilities. Consider the software from Nektony, which has been on the market for such software for a long time and has earned the authority of users during this time. The link above on the website provides a full range of programs that will surely make the process of interacting with a laptop more comfortable.

3 Ways] How to Find and Remove Duplicate Files on Mac

Popular types of software

Let’s look at some types of software from Nektony, which are most popular among users:

  • Removing unused programs. Download the selected program from the developer’s official website and follow the installation instructions. Run the program and scan your MacBook for unused applications. The program will analyze the installed applications and provide you with a list of those that can be safely removed.
  • Deleting duplicate files. A tool that allows users to identify and delete apps that are no longer needed or used on their device. The program scans the installed applications on your MacBook and creates a list of all the applications installed on your device. Manually removing duplicates requires a lot of effort and time, so it is impractical to do this.
  • Clearing the memory. The program scans the computer to detect unnecessary files and data that can be deleted. These can be temporary files, browser cache, log files, etc. Very often, it is the cache of browsers and applications that takes up most of the internal memory.
  • Clearing RAM. Displays the current state of RAM on your Macbook, allowing you to see how much memory is being used and how much is remaining free. Many users do not even suspect that their laptop’s RAM is occupied by unnecessary applications.

Using any of the software listed above will allow you not only to make working at the computer more comfortable, but also to speed up the system. Follow the link at the beginning of the article to visit the official website of the company and get acquainted with the full list of programs that you can install on your Macbook right now.