Copying and moving files and folders

To copy (move) objects (files, folders, shortcuts):

Open the folder where the objects being copied (moved) are located.

Select what you want to copy (move).

Select the desired task from the Tasks for Files and Folders list or call the Copy to Folder (Move to Folder) command from the Edit menu.

In the window that opens, select the destination folder (to which you will copy or move).

Click copy (move). You can also copy and move objects using the usual commands for working with the clipboard (Cut, Copy, Paste), selecting them from the Edit menu or from the context menu of any selected object.

Fig. 32. The window for copying elements

Copying and moving can be done by dragging with the mouse:

  1. Bring the Folders panel to the screen and expand the folder structure so that the receiver folder is visible.
  2. Select the copied objects in the source folder.
  3. With the mouse cursor on the selection, press the left mouse button and drag the items to the receiver folder:
  • to copy, hold down CTRL
  • to transfer, hold down SHIFT
  1. Release the mouse button, and then the pressed key.