Text Selection

When the text is entered into the document, something may turn out to be wrong, and some part of the text will need to be changed. Before making any changes, you need to select a fragment. Thus, Word will “know” which part of the document will be edited.

The method of stretching is the most intuitive. Thus, you can select any part of the text. Let’s try it. To do this, we will need the text typed before.

Place the mouse pointer to the left of the word “big” in the first paragraph.

Press the left mouse button and hold it down, move the pointer along the line to the end of the word, and then release the mouse button. As you stretch – the selected area will be colored in a different color and will remain shaded after releasing the mouse button.

When selecting several lines, paragraphs, or the entire text, the drawing can be performed not only horizontally, but also vertically. When the mouse pointer reaches the upper or lower edge of the document window while dragging, automatic scrolling is performed simultaneously with the expansion of the selected area.

To remove the selection, just click the mouse anywhere outside of it.

If you want the whole words to be highlighted as you stretch the mouse, then you need to select the menu command “Tools” – “Options” and on the “Edit” tab, select the “Automatically select words” checkbox.

Using the mouse, you can quickly select certain parts of the document text. The table below shows the methods for selecting text by clicking the mouse.

To quickly highlight large sections of text, the click and draw methods can be combined. For example, you can click on the left margin of the document, selecting a line, and then, without releasing the mouse button, drag up or down to select other lines.

When selecting text using the keyboard, you need to do the following:

  • move the cursor, while holding down the Shift key, to the end of the selected area using the cursor keys (see the previous lesson);
  • place the cursor in the right place of the document;
  • release the Shift key.