Using the Clipboard

The simplest way to move text in a document is to drag – select and move with the mouse.

  • Select a small piece of text.
  • Place the mouse pointer in any part of the selected fragment and click the left mouse button.
  • Without releasing the button, drag the fragment to the desired location (the intended place of insertion of the fragment will be highlighted).
  • Release the mouse button.

It is possible to transfer text fragments from one document to another in this way, although both windows (the receiver window and the source window) should be visible on the monitor screen.

Dragging text with the mouse is convenient for moving text only a short distance (within the monitor screen). In order to move a text fragment to any place in the document, the functions of cutting, copying and pasting the selected fragment are used. With these functions, you can also move graphics, notes, hyperlinks.

There are three ways to cut the selected fragment:

Select the Edit command.Cut

Press the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+X.

Click on the Cut button (image with scissors) on the “Standard” toolbar.

In the same three ways, you can copy and paste.


“Edit” – “Copy”.


The “Copy” button.


“Edit” – “Paste”.


The “Insert” button.

Where does the cut or copied fragment go? It is placed in the so-called clipboard – a special area of Word memory. In recent versions, Word can store 24 objects in the clipboard at the same time. The insertion also takes place from the clipboard.

The paste command from the clipboard allows you to insert an exact copy of a previously cut/copied object into the document at the point of the document where the cursor is placed. To insert text into a document with an indication of the formatting method, use the “Special Insert” command. In addition, you can insert information from another document in the form of a shortcut or hyperlink, which automatically navigates to another document.

The dialog box “Special Insert” allows you to define the format of the information inserted into the document.

  • Place text or graphics on the clipboard.
  • Move the cursor to the position where you want to paste an item from the clipboard.
  • Select Edit command►Special insert. The following window will appear.