Deleting and Restoring

To delete files and folders, select them and press the Delete key or the Task list button for files and folders.

To cancel the last operation, click the button or select the appropriate item in the Edit menu or the context menu.

Each object (file, folder, disk, etc.) has a set of parameters. To view and change them, select this object and give a command from the File > Properties menu or select Properties in the context menu of the object.

If the objects to be deleted were located on the hard disk, they are moved to the Trash intended for temporary storage of deleted objects.

Objects placed in the Trash can be restored:

  1. Open the Trash by double-clicking on its icon on the Desktop, or by opening its contents using File Explorer.
  2. Select the mistakenly deleted objects.
  3. In the Tasks area for the Trash, click on the Restore item or give the Restore command from the File menu (or from the context menu).

Files deleted from the floppy disk do not get into the Trash, therefore, they cannot be “removed” from it.