Month: October 2022


Outpost Security Suite review and Testing

I think everyone knows the Outpost firewall. So today we are going to take a look at what the latest release of a comprehensive package is capable of. To tell the truth, I am not particularly attracted to complex packages. I give more preference to individual products. However, if the package is of good quality, then why not? Therefore, now we are going to test a whole set of modules. Let’s try to describe all the features in more detail […]

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QuTester – network quality meter

QuTester (ProLAN) is a free program that allows you to:

– measure the performance of an IT system;

– monitor the quality of servers, active network equipment, network services;

– promptly find out the reason for the deterioration of the quality of the IT system.

The QuTester program is a free (demo) version of the NPM Probe program, which is part of the NPM Analyst software product, and at the same time is a tool for providing professional services in the field of technical […]

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Sentry CD – a fresh look at the firewall

If you suddenly have a desire to build a firewall based on Linux, then it is not necessary to contact large distributions, which do not include a nail file. If you are not afraid of manual work and strive to gain full control over your system, then you should get acquainted with Sentry Firewall CD (SFCD).

He lives at . This is a flexibly configurable bootable CD that demonstrates, so to speak, a minimalistic approach to building a firewall.

The SFCD […]

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