Installation and repair of floor coverings

Floor coverings are an important element of any home or commercial space, which not only affects the appearance, but also the functionality of the space. In the Niagara region, choosing the right flooring and its high-quality installation and repair can significantly affect the convenience and atmosphere of your home or office.

Choosing a floor covering: what should I pay attention to?

When choosing a floor covering, it is important to consider several key factors in order to ensure both the aesthetic appeal […]

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How to perform cargo transportation without your own fleet

The popularity of freight transportation services in the United States can be explained by several factors, the interaction of which creates a high demand for these services. The vast geographical area of the country requires efficient means of transporting goods over long distances, from sprawling urban centers to remote rural areas. This geographical problem, combined with a resilient U.S. economy, causes a constant need to move a wide range of goods, including raw materials, agricultural products, manufactured goods and consumer […]

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Useful programs for Mac OS: cleaning and optimization of the system

Millions of people around the world actively use a Macbook as their main device not only for consumption, but also for creating content. It’s a great tool for working, watching movies, and even listening to music. Mac OS features provide comfortable work with photos, videos and even the ability to program. Despite all the versatility of the system and convenience, over the years, the speed of the laptop may decrease. This is facilitated by the obsolescence of software, as well […]

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Deleting and Restoring

To delete files and folders, select them and press the Delete key or the Task list button for files and folders.

To cancel the last operation, click the button or select the appropriate item in the Edit menu or the context menu.

Each object (file, folder, disk, etc.) has a set of parameters. To view and change them, select this object and give a command from the File > Properties menu or select Properties in the context menu of the object.

If the […]

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Copying and moving files and folders

To copy (move) objects (files, folders, shortcuts):

Open the folder where the objects being copied (moved) are located.

Select what you want to copy (move).

Select the desired task from the Tasks for Files and Folders list or call the Copy to Folder (Move to Folder) command from the Edit menu.

In the window that opens, select the destination folder (to which you will copy or move).

Click copy (move). You can also copy and move objects using the usual commands for working with the […]

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  Using the menu

Menus are used to control Word. Menus, like toolbars, are adaptive.

Word implements adaptive menus that automatically change their composition in order to save screen space. When you first open the menu, you will see a small set of basic commands and a double arrow at the bottom. If you click on the arrow or just leave the menu open for a few seconds, it will expand to display all the other commands included in it.

When you select a command from […]

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Text Selection

When the text is entered into the document, something may turn out to be wrong, and some part of the text will need to be changed. Before making any changes, you need to select a fragment. Thus, Word will “know” which part of the document will be edited.

The method of stretching is the most intuitive. Thus, you can select any part of the text. Let’s try it. To do this, we will need the text typed before.

Place the mouse pointer […]

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Using the Clipboard

The simplest way to move text in a document is to drag – select and move with the mouse.

Select a small piece of text.
Place the mouse pointer in any part of the selected fragment and click the left mouse button.
Without releasing the button, drag the fragment to the desired location (the intended place of insertion of the fragment will be highlighted).
Release the mouse button.

It is possible to transfer text fragments from one document to another in this way, although both […]

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remote Windows administration – software overview

The administrator of the local network, whose duties include ensuring the stable operation of computers, is well aware of the defections from user to user who are having trouble with something. Moving from one workstation to another, he conducts explanatory work, and sometimes a brief “educational program” to prevent a similar situation in the future.

Despite the fact that the image of the “evil admin” that developed among those who communicated with the system administrator is an exaggeration, there is still […]

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Alchemy Eye is a convenient corporate network monitoring tool

Any corporate computer network, even a small one, requires constant attention to itself. No matter how well it is configured, no matter how reliable the software is installed on servers and client computers, you cannot rely only on the attention of the system administrator; automatic and continuously operating means of monitoring the state of the network and timely notification of possible problems are needed.

Even accidental hardware or software failures can lead to very unpleasant consequences. A significant slowdown in the […]

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